kenna getta K?! kenna getta A?!

howabout a G?! ANOTHER A?! rounditout witta N?! wasdatspell?! KAGAN.

she made it out of the senate judiciary committee yesterday with a 13-6 vote, and will see a full senate vote hopefully in early august.

and the real news here? lindsey graham crossed party lines to vote for her, apparently in deference to his responsibility to the constitution. he explained that despite working almost as hard as John McCain to defeat Obama, ultimately,

“we lost, President Obama won. The Constitution in my view puts a requirement on me not to replace my judgment for his.”

he later added “elections have consequences.” and commented “she is smart, well-qualified and of good character,” according to the L.A. Times. “but yes, she’s liberal,” he said, and paused. “sort of expected that, actually.”

who knew a south carolinian politican would have it in him? note: my views on south carolina politicians are seriously and irreparably influenced by this clip. (skip to 4:21 if you don’t have time to watch the full 9:34)


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