ch ch ch chelsea mahket!

first stop on the whirlwind tour of new york: chelsea market.

there is so much deliciousness in this building

THE ITALIAN PLACE (buon italia)

chocolate. with figs.

chocolate, with huge hazlenuts. YUM


I almost bought this monster because it was 40% off (since its no longer easter…) and because i love it so much (note: i’m pretty sure i ate about 10 helpings at my aunt’s house this past easter. at least a grotesque amount, for sure).

barrels and barrels of foodschtuffs

amaretti cookies!

massive nutella.

then,  on to other places:

free wine tasting!

just a cool sign

a lobster, on the go, in the crowds. um nowhere else but chelsea market?

yep. did THAT


just a little signage to remembah the name

love the cow.

OH MY GOSH: at ronnybrook farm, i got a milkshake with chocolate and cinnamon ice cream. DELICIOUS.

more new york posts coming. have to go be a real person and get myself to work.


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