so very very tired

on friday i left for new york for the weekend. this was the fourth weekend in a row that i have been away from philly for at least half of the 2 days each week that i get work-free (not unlike the rest of the working world). first i went home to michigan to surprise my ex-pat sister on her vacation back to the US, then i went to boston for the fourth of july (and NOW 2010 conference), then i traveled to the apparently southern MD to look at houses with my parents, and then i went to ny. I AM TIRED. not that i’m complaining about my incredibly privileged life… i’m just really looking forward to the next 14 days that i have in this beautiful apartment in university city before my least favorite thing in the world (packing and moving) inevitably happens in august. on august 1st. ardmore baby. be there or be square.

so right now… i’m off to bed. but before that: a few pictures.

fresh off the bus (on the right) and working woman nat AH lee (on the left)

chelsea market: full post to come

game at yankee stadium (thanks anya for the um, shall we saw, AWESOME seats!)


One response to “so very very tired

  1. i LOVE chelsea market!!!!!

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