the more the merry[land]-ier

TOMATOES!! that’s what i forgot to say about maryland. after my brief 19-hour stint in the state this weekend, what did i come back with?! besides the grainy pictures from my camera phone and a whole lot of tiredness, TOMATOES!!

we stayed with some new friends of my parents on saturday night, and they grow lots of fruits and vegetables (which i learned when i saw a whole bowl of really delicious looking tomatoes and asked where they came from). the next morning, i had a whole bag of them with my name on it in the kitchen! thanks Sam! so here’s what happened:

first there were tomatoes

and then there were beans. and cumin and chili powder.

and then came along some corn and anaheim chilis

and while those were sizzle frying, the eggs got all scrambled

and then the tortilla put them all together. and a glass of prosecco. we were celebrating? or i had just taken my first lsat diagnostic test and i needed a drink.

oops i forgot to mention the cheese! YUM. breakfast burrito.

YUUUUUM. so while i was considering the southern status of this itty bitty state, i forgot to THANK it (and thank Sam!) for the beautiful little tomatoes that it produced. and that i got to eat for a sunday brunch. mmmmmmm


5 responses to “the more the merry[land]-ier

  1. Are you drinking at breakfast? What’s going on here?!?

    ps this looks delicious

  2. ps no one will believe you’re a poor struggling student if you keep posting photos like this.

  3. beans, corn, chili, oil, cumin, chili powder, eggs, and tortillas? sounds like a cheap meal to me! especially when the yummiest part (fresh tomatoes) were free!!

    ps prosecco was from caroline and officially she’s a graduate soooooo i guess she’s exempt

  4. PS it was one pm on a sunday. it was clearly BRUNCH not breaaaakfast 🙂


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