adventures in maryland: a southern state, yay or nay?

one day at lunch (at work), it came up that my family is moving to maryland. the big MD, for short (obvi). and someone pointed out that mary mary land is, in fact, below the mason-dixon line and that additionally, it was a slave state back in the day.  my reaction? WHAAAAAAAAAAT! i cannot move from the midwest to the “south.” i’ve prided myself for far too long on being a midwesterner, and moving to what i assumed would be classified as “the east coast” was painful enough (jk, i do love the east coast. but there is some sort of membership to the midwest community that i enjoy). obviously i will not be required to mention that i now “live” in the “south,” but its an interesting question nonetheless: is maryland a southern state?

a few things that convince me in the painful direction, though of course, they have to be taken with a grain of salt (and a grainy picture… ahaha shout out to my dadda-pun-mastaa). in order from worst(southern) to ambiguous(the jury’s still out):

red, hot, and blue: a southern grill & bar

this. is ridiculous. i pause for effect because it deserves it. this roadside bar and grill (that is, in my understanding, the correct way to order those two words…) RED, HOT, AND BLUE: A SOUTHERN GRILL & BAR. it really speaks for itself, i guess. strike one, big MD.

BIG AL 1: i'm concerned about the existence plain ole BIG AL

next we have the vanity plate surrounded by chain link, describing mr. BIG AL. apparently he didn’t get to it fast enough, though, because clearly there is another BIG AL roaming around MD without the second (ironically) class status indicator of the number “1” . I just don’t know if mary mary land is big enough for the two of them….

roadside crabs?!

this, i let you decide. while a random highway-side sign for crabs may have never worked its way into my midwestern childhood or my philadelphia-area college experience, i have to say that i’m pretty excited about it. YUM. crab cakes. all the time. this is a good thing. obviously. however. it may be an indicator of the southern state status. who knows. you know? well let ME know!


One response to “adventures in maryland: a southern state, yay or nay?

  1. further proof, from :
    (443): There is a woman in the bar breastfeeding a baby. Doing shots. Gotta love maryland Applebees.

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