swedish feminism part two!!

in case you weren’t convinced…

The Feminist Initiative party has publicly burned 100,000 Swedish kronor (equivalent to $13,000 dollars) to protest unequal pay. The money, donated by an advertising agency, represents the disparity between the amount of money Swedish men and Swedish women make every minute. “It may seem desperate to burn 100,000 kronor,” said party Leader Gudrun Schyman, “but the situation is desperate as well.” The party hopes to win its first Parliamentary seat in September.

just for some context for that article: in the united states, women (on average) earn 77 cents for each dollar that a man earns. latina women earn 49 cents to the dollar. african american women earn more than 49, but less than the average. those stats are pretty abysmal. but i don’t see our political parties burning monies to make a point!!!

on the US feminist front: federal officials may include contraception on the list of “preventive health services,” mandating it provided free of charge by insurance companies; ELENA KAGAN is super duper duper close to become a justice; a massachusetts federal court ruled the DOMA violated the equal protection clause; the palin idiots talking about reproduction; lindsay goes to jail but she’s still going to make a comeback

that “feminist front” may have deteriorated a little toward the end…

ANYWAY i think that kristin stewart should play lisbeth in the american movie. her or natalie portman. what do you think??? i’ve heard scarlett johansson and ellen page’s names thrown around… who else could do it?

Among the supposed contenders are Oscar nominees (Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway), major film trilogy veterans (Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley), best buds from Juno (Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby), the star of 2010’s biggest film (Mia Wasikowska), the co-star of this weekend’s biggest film (Scarlett Johansson), and a girl with some book-to-film adaptation success (Kristen Stewart).

that, of course, comes from some website called “gossip cop…


One response to “swedish feminism part two!!

  1. Kristin Stewart and Mia Was… are clearly the only acceptable choices out of the ones given.

    No, Scarlett, NO. I love her, but she is not the one! Read: may not be voluptuous. Must look like a 13 year old boy.

    Ellen Page is too nice.

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