daddy does it right — addendum to the original post

my sister kate wrote a phenomenal father’s day post yesterday, which i thoroughly enjoyed. i realized, though, that i could add to the photographic evidence of her observations, so i thought i would. you must reference the original list here to fully understand what i am talking about.

1. dad dresses for the elements

the summer before my freshman year of college, my dad and i went on an outward bound hiking trip. it was intense but really fun. here you can see the intensity: we had to wear hard hats when peaking because toward the top the rocks were really large and potentially slidy. however, my dad covered all his bases by wearing his rain hat ON TOP of his hard hat. it was beyond words. it was genius.

priceless. if there were a high school category "most likely to be always prepared," my dad would have won it.

2. my dad is an extreme tourist

kate does a really excellent job of summing this one up. but just to contribute to the photographic evidence…

checking the map, in the gondola, on the way to the top of the ski hill.

3. dad is never half-hearted (and consequently neither are we)

no less than about 12 bottles of wine. okay it was a wine tasting. but still. this is one of his specialties and he is proud. just look at his face.

4. my dad is always on duty

here is a prime example: during parents weekend at school my sophomore year, we were just having a casual conversation in my dorm room when my dad gets up and starts tapping on the walls to determine the viability of track lighting:

5.  dad is a grill master

unfortunately i do not have any great photos of this. however, i do have a hilarious picture of him eating chocolate mousse prepared by my mother. and really, where would we be without food prepared by my mother? nowhere, is where. we would be nowhere.

mmmmmmm mousse by francesca. there are few things in life that are more delicious.

6. funny faces.

this is where i can contribute the best-ist. dad, here’s to you:

outward bound hilarity.

our secret handshake

DON'T LOOK! I'M FLASHING YOU! he does enjoy doing this at opportune moments. i think its because he has 3 girls. i mean he is very in touch with his feminine side, let's be honest.

funny faces. beloved grill in background.

making us ladies some mimosas. mmmm delicious. christmas morning.

the best photo of all. poor dad. so tired after thanksgiving. but please note the birkenstocks and socks. its part of his personality at this point. a character trait, if you will.

7. dad fixes stuff

in fact, dad fixes A LOT of stuff. for me, this most commonly manifests itself in computers (which kate discussed) and home improvement projects in my dorm room (see number 4). here, we see a beautiful addition to my sophomore year college dorm room: the octopus lamp. dad was very, very enthusiastic about this lamp, and obviously so was i.

also: dealing with our medical problems. since i have a team of doctors i usually need him to digest all of their incomprehensible findings. and for kate, she usually calls him with random (and sometimes hilarious) problems.

this is likely my dad speaking to my older sister about a medical problem. i would say 89% chance.

8. my mommy and my daddy!

they’re a unit. a team. a force of nature that you don’t want to mess with.


cinque terre '10

While I don’t have a photo of my father and I air guitar-ing (see kate’s finale) …. I do have this:

hilarity. one of the best pictures ever. evah evah evah!


5 responses to “daddy does it right — addendum to the original post

  1. I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. i also have one of mom noogie-ing dad in front of schönbrunn. delightful, right?

  3. I love it too!!!!

  4. totally delightful. please email.

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