i ask, and i shall receive.

its been a great week, to say the least.

FIRST, the soccer gods blessed me with premonition which led me to choose “draw” for both the portugal v. ivory coast and slovakia v. new zeeland games which led me to muchos pointos for my espn soccer “you pick ’em” bracket. two bottles of wine and family bragging rights… here i come. not that i’m counting my chickens before they hatch or anything.

SECOND, my good juju for the brasilian team got sent along (with the exception of that random n.korea goal)

THIRD and MOST IMPORTANTLY, please refer to the post that I wrote YESTERDAY, wherein i wrote/sang that i didn’t want to go to work, instead i wanted to watch the world cup games all day. AND WHAT HAPPENED? At 8:45 am I am watching the Argentina v. South Korea game and I receive a phone call from Kathy, the nicest person in the world (our den mother at work — she’s always taking care of us/feeding us), and she tells me that the power is out in the building and so the earliest I would be able to come in is 10 or 11, but that I should call before I come in because it might not be fixed even by then. “or, you can just go ahead and take the whole day off.” god i love that woman.

in case you needed a visual, this is how i feel!

GOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ARGENTINAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! WOW i would have definitely missed that if i were on the subway right now!!!!! 3-1 baby please refer to numero uno on my blessed list and add one more POINT to mah bracket!~!!!!

love to all. sorry that you’re at work and i am not. i shall be on my sofa watching the games until something or somebody makes me move.


3 responses to “i ask, and i shall receive.

  1. hey. emily. DIEEEEEEEEEEE.

  2. Argentina was an easy pick- who did you have Mexico-France??? Mexico, baby, I called that one! Basically I can’t stand France and I never pick a team in a pool that I can’t actually root for. Oh dear, I just gave away the secret of my success!!! Love, MOM

  3. i never have work on thursdays. so ha!
    also: “i shall be on my sofa watching the games until something or somebody makes me move.” …. or until the games end?

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