I… don’t wanna work… I just wanna bang on my drum all day watch the games all daaaaaaaay

I am sitting here, at 8:10 am, packing my lunch and contemplating my outfit in preparation for the 8:52 subway… and i don’t wanna gooo mommy don’t make me!!!!

Chile just scored (YESSSS MY BRACKKEETT RUULLLESSS) and we definitely do NOT have the technology to live stream the games at work (unlike some other philadelphia nonprofits ahem bcgp ahem).

ANY IDEAS!? I need to figure out how to stream it on my phone… and then how to make that okay to do at work….

anyway brasil got my good juju. so thank goodness i wrote that post yesterday! since ronaldinho isn’t in the cup this year, i think my new favorite player is robinho. did you SEE his fancy footwork yesterday? its just beautiful. though of course everyone on the team had a moment of beautiful style points yesterday because they are BRASIL and thats what they DO. love it.


in other news, yesterday I did thali tuesday at Bindi, the delectable “modern indian” restaurant on 13th. check this out:



choice of:

crispy cured skin on pork belly

black spice-jaggery glaze, pickled local strawberries


pan seared malabar crab cake

avocado-cilantro mousse, grilled early peach chutney


market veggie and quinoa “biryani”

curried roast garlic purée, truffled fried farm egg

and (you will receive all of the following):

shredded raw bright light chard chaat

garlic scape-almond “pesto”, sprouted lentils, yogurt

lightly grilled asparagus shorva (soup)

moong dal, pickled harukei turnip, garam masala

sautéed sugar snap pea and purple dragon beans

red chile, chana dal, white and black sesame seed

four bean coconut rice

basmati rice, long bean, fava, pea, purple dragon, mint

zucchini chutney

coriander seed, fresh mint, lime

blue moon acres baby carrot confit pickle

slow cooked in olive oil, finished with rice vinegar, cilantro

grilled young garlic raita

red chili oil, cucumber, mint, yogurt

rhubarb and goat cheese stuffed paratha

homemade, hand rolled griddle bread, ghee, sea salt

I got the crab cake as my entree and it was fantastic! and the paratha was unbelievable. so was pretty much everything else. Caroline got the pork entree and that was also really good. YUMMMY.

in case you need a visual for this….

just 20 dolla dolla bills for all of that food?! you must be kidding!!!


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