my biggest culinary achievement to date

pork carnitas.

what even is that?
well, let me tell you.
first you start with a huge hunk of pork. which of course requires a trip to your friendly, local, food co-op (okay, we had to run an errand in swarthmore anyway…) to purchase a large 3.68 pound (to be exact) pork shoulder. this is of course why i feel so culinar-ily accomplished — i have never cut the meat off the bone, which is what this required.

this is such a bad picture of me, you know i wouldn't be posting it unless i was really proud of this slicing and dicing

THEN, you cut the meat into strips and cook it for 3 hours. yep, 3 hours. basically the pork has to shred itself (with a little help from the cook). and while its doing that you flavor it with delicious things like white wine, dried oregano, salt, pepper, and a bay leaf.

when this main ingredient is almost done, you make the really pretty components:

navel oranges, lime juice, red onion, cilantro, habanero chile

ricotta cheese, plum tomato, white onion, jalapeno

THEN you put it all together! with guacamole and pomegranate-ginger margaritas, of course.

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2 responses to “my biggest culinary achievement to date

  1. dear emily,

    this looks deliciously beautiful and also i have never cut meat off the bone so congratulations on being halfway towards professional butcher status. also, pomegranate margaritas sound delicious; i believe you should come to michigan and make me some around the dates of june 25th to july 2nd. ok! good talk.

    loveeeeeeee you!!!!

  2. ps i like the new blog design. it is easier to read.


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