the social media scene

due to my blogger role at the women’s law project, i’ve acquainted myself not only with the vast and seemingly endless blogosphere as well as new social media tools. for example, yesterday, i created a twitter account. i never understood what twitter was for. but in the context of the blogosphere, i finally get it. i can “follow” all of the blogs that i have been individually checking each day for potential stories for my own posting duties at the WLP, which means that new stories will automatically be posted to my “home” twitter screen for me to read through! it simplifies things immensely! and i can post stories that interest me so that others (like my sister, the only person i know that has a twitter account) can read and share the news stories that i care about. its revolutionary! i guess i’m just a little slow on the uptake.

anyway. i thought that today i would just share in a very twittery-esque way some stories/clips that i think YOU should read/watch.

jon stewart and south carolina. its hilarious. and totally worth the 8 minutes of your day.

stephen colbert teaching obama how to be angry. again, 8 minutes of absurdity, but seriously seriously hilarious.

a news article that i read for a blog post that i’m writing — children of lesbian parents are not only just as but actually better functioning than their peers! and the actual study is right here.

and another article that i came across in writing that post — interesting legal issues with federalism and the full faith and credit clause… though that’s not actually upheld in this case. also interesting because isabelle barker is the director of summer funding at bryn mawr!

and something else great that i learned to do on twitter — get live updates on the philadelphia food scene! for example, a restaurant on 13th (my FAVE street for restaurants!! double parens LOLITA and BINDI double parens) is now making their own soda!! how cool is that?! i’m going to have to try rhubarb soda…


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