an article that you should read

a conference that you should attend

a book that you will inhale


i read that article, and i think it makes good points. also i love the ms. magazine blog so basically that should be your entree into reading their blog everyday. and the WLP blog, too, of course!

i am going to that conference. after finally finding a solution to getting to and staying in boston! i’m going to hang out with my friend lily and her family and its going to be grand! yayayay.

and i am holding the next book in the series, the girl who played with fire, and trying not to start it because i know that will certainly result in a serious lack of sleep for the next 48 hours. it took a lot for me to get through the girl with the dragon tattoo because it is so so horrifying (violence against women). but i think its really important that people read it and get a reality check on the status of women worldwide … even though its fiction, it still highlights a lot of really poignant perspectives that are oftentimes overlooked. so A+ stieg larsson, may you rest in peace.

das ist all for now!! im exhausted.


3 responses to “feministing

  1. What I found most disturbing about TGWTDT (item 3, the book), was the stat/fact at the beginning of each chapter. While the book is fiction, the stats are not – I looked some of them up. You would think that in a liberal, civilized country like Sweden, women would fare better. Not so. That’s frightening.

  2. yes, agreed! i thought those were really shocking. i’m glad that he included those — so many people must have been really surprised by those and maybe steps toward change are going to happen!

    thanks for reading my blog mom 🙂

  3. I’m reading too!! HIIIIII

    with love from your big sis

    ps you’re going to love the next stieg larsson, but you’re right… serious sleepless nights await. AHHH

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