because now i’m a super star!

so the first week of work when phenomenally, better than i could have imagined. things that i got to do:

1. jump right into telephone counseling, and feel GOOD about remembering helpful legal facts for the callers. lets just say that when you give me a list, and i get through it, i feel really, really good. so that’s excellent

2. i wrote a blog post!!!!!! which is now published on the WLP which you can see on the women’s law project blog (i’m not going to hyperlink it b/c last time i did it showed up as a comment… embarassing!… but you can find it on my blog roll at the bottom of the page – look for the post about the birth control pill). This is mostly why I feel like a super star, because now I’m published! well, i mean, my name’s not on it, but its still pretty awesome. it was really fun to do, too. i just listened to an hour interview on WHYY, and then wrote about it! how great.

3. i went to a meeting. yeah, about women and healthcare. how cool is that?! since all the reforms are going to go into effect in 2014, we’re already talking about making the transition smoothly and effectively for women. and i had to do reading about it beforehand, so i felt like a very active and informed participant. or active and informed listener, really.

4. i rode a philly bus for the first time! that is, of course, linked to number 3. and i was with another woman from WLP so i didn’t really do it on my own, but i still felt one more step closer to knowing my way around the city.

5. i made pumpkin soup! a big batch of it. to put in the fridge at work. so now i’m like a real commuter, bringing my huge tupperware for the work week and putting my NAME on it so no one else eats it and i always have something delicious, nutritious, and free at lunchtime!!

ALSO i wrote another blog post that hasn’t been posted yet… so check back soon!!

I figured this post needed a photo, and what better way than to highlight WOMEN'S SPORTS. in case you didn't know, that's a big issue at the WLP. cool huh?

Don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess. Putting on my best don't mess face for the bryn mawr owls.


One response to “because now i’m a super star!

  1. yum yum pumpkin soup!!!!

    i always wondered how pumpkin got it’s name… i mean ‘pump’ ‘kin’?? sounds like it’s a veggie that blasts its pecs using family members as weights.

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