a hot second of funny things

My life has been a little bit of a jumble recently. but here’s a hot second of funny things to read about:

1. my dad revealed to me the other day that he “accidentally” overstocked the house with gallon jugs of vermont maple syrup. when i asked him how it was possible for one to do such a thing, he revealed that he was on the “auto-reorder” list for a while. this made me pause, laugh, and then reconsider my life plans. i really hope that at one point in my life, i will be consuming enough vermont grade A maple syrup to be included on their reorder list. bucket list. for sure.

2. caroline told me today that she had to pay off her “outstanding” debts to the college before she could graduate. when i asked her how much she owed, she said “one dollar.” because one time, sumedha borrowed a book and didn’t return it before the deadline and so she was fined a dollar from the library. so she concluded the story with “so sumedha owes me a dollar. which means she has to buy me a drink.” to which i responded, “i don’t think a dollar will get you a drink.” and without pause, she retorted “that’s why i’m charging interest.”

3. my sister is crazy. kate, that is. i mean beth is pretty crazy too but for now i’m talking about kate. just go read her latest blog post (transatlanticsketches.com). please especially enjoy the final picture which was “gleaned from the security cameras” in her apartment:

ridiculousness. though there is a certain perez-hilton-ness going on here that i think we should capitalize on (for profits, that is)


4 responses to “a hot second of funny things

  1. un HEIßE SEKUND!!! auf der Lustigkeit!!

  2. i mean, EIN heiße sekund!!!!!!!

  3. also, dad is hilarious. tell dad i say hi. and mom. did my mother’s day gift arrive yet?!?! scheiße!!

  4. “i mean beth is pretty crazy too but for now i’m talking about kate.”

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