KEWL things about WIEN

Well, first of all, things mirror eachother. For example, see how i smushed “things about” between two four letter words in all caps? Yeah, that’s pretty Viennese. Its a thing. You’ll see it mostly with buildings built in the early 1900’s to face eachother and enclose the space between, but possibly with other things too.

kate and i in front of a building in the distance that mirrors the facade of the building in front of us (which you can not see) ... also, sun is kewl in this instance as well

Second, and i would like the whole country of Italia to notice this, free wifi and a glass of water with your coffee. in most cafes. I mean, you likely have to deal with a lot of second hand smoke while you enjoy aforementioned free things, but for the price of 2.60, sit by the door and shut up.

water in a wine glass, and skype video chatting for free. these things do not exist in italy (though probably because you would have WINE in your wine glass..)

third, birra. i say that in italian because i don’t speak german. german is a difficult language, and one of the qualities about wien that i may list as UNKEWL if i ever make such a list. but the beer is damn good.

das beer ist gut.

fourth, apfel strudel. well…. let me be more specific. apfel strudel making demonstrations where bilingual woman gets up to her elbows in apfel strudel pastry while onlookers gasp, sip coffee, and inhale their apfel strudel samples.

in this example, pastry is encroaching on the demonstrator's eyeballs

fifth, bread. its delicious. i do not have a picture of it but i think its understood if i say i actually prefer bread to apfel strudel and sacher torte. its sooooooo delicious here — with all kinds of nuts and seeds and fruits and craziness. and usually whole grain so packed with fiber!

sixth, public transportation. i have to agree with the guidebook on this one when they say “its so good, its almost embarrassing.” Again no picture, but self-explanatory: i do not speak more than a few words of german (note: das beer ist gut), yet I have been able to travel successfully on many different u-bahn routes and familiarize myself with numerous stations. and it has not taken me the full two weeks to reach this level of confidence.

seventh, architecture. i will say more about this later, because it deserves its own post. but suffice to say, virtually anywhere you travel in wien, there is a notable piece of architecture to dazzle you. Dad- you wanted me to take an art history class before coming to Europe, but history of modern architecture prepared me for this city so well!

Karsplatz station. Designed by Otto Wagner, one of his most famous pieces. Definitely had to memorize its stats for a slide test last year...

eighth, creepy theme parks! one time, kate and i tried to get home a new route and had to traipse through this theme park at night to reach the apartment. i realize this may sound contradictory to earlier praise for the transit system, but i really mean that more in the “i love the ubahn” than “i love all pub transit.” because the strassenbahn(?) aka above ground transit, is a little more confusing.

we were more than a little afraid that it would come alive if we touched it...

i love that the ride is called volare, "to fly," in italian -- are we in austria or what?

that’s it for now. though i have yet to try the “german gelato,” so that may have to be added to the list at some later date.


7 responses to “KEWL things about WIEN

  1. AWESOME BLOG POST. one request. please make the font larger! i want to read and laugh senza micraina!


  3. hello emily this is your conscience speaking. first of all, i love the picture of you and your sister with the beer. but second of all, why is her head so smushed? did you selectively edit just her head to make her look as though she was ugly and had problems? why would you do such a thing?

    and enjoy the rest of your night 🙂

  4. um, two things.
    1. “das beer ist gut” is all the german one could ever need to know.
    2. can you compare wagner’s karlsplazt to another metro station?


    • 1. apparently beer is bier in german. but otherwise, agreed.
      2. hahah the metropolitain in france!! i don’t remember any details… but that was definitely in my final 🙂

  5. what a wiener city.

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