Vienna Guidebook (by EmilyAllegra): BEST MUSEUM


today i went to the kunst haus wien museum, which is a building designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser (google image him, its cray) and filled with his artwork. intro to hundertwasser:

“the straight line is ungodly”

“the ruler is the symbol of the new illiteracy”

“an uneven floor is a melody to the feet”

the floors actually are uneven in the kunst haus. the hallways are cobblestone up-and-down-and-up-and-down with little broken tile mosaics randomly worked in. the first two floors make up the permanent exhibit of his work –  starting with drawings, watercolor, and graphic art (all brightly colored with abstract patterns, very klimt-like).. and then moving into architecture. he had a really interesting sense of what architecture should be — evolving from the concept of humans as “visitors” to this earth, and treating the man-made environment as a reflection of that. on the third floor, there is a huge prototype for his idea of a perfect community, built into the hills (allowing for the green space on top to be virtually untouched). “kontroversen: justiz, ethik und fotografie” filled the second two floors — on exhibit from march 4 – june 20, 2010 (so if you are going to vienna between those dates you must go). its all about the legal/ethical/cultural history of photography, and tells the story of each photograph as you go through. it was so fascinating.

ANYWAY, having been in Vienna for 1o days now, i’m going to make a little observation. maybe Hundertwasser was so obsessed with doing away with his “straight lines” because there are SO MANY clearly established lines in Vienna. I love bike paths (shout out BCGP!) but in Vienna they are hardcore about bike paths and especially about the lines separating pedestrian from biker. if you get in the bike line, you may die. (i’m only exaggerating a little). there is also this weirdly diligent adhesion to lines on escalators — on the right, you may stand. on the left, you may walk. and i know that’s like an informal/semi-formal rule in the US and in other places as well, but here it is SO clear. no fake coughing or semi-sweet “excuse me”s necessary in Vienna. so it seems to me that Hundertwasser was seriously out of place in this city.

unfortunately no pictures are allowed inside the exhibit and i couldn’t find very many good ones online, but here are a few examples of his graphic art:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

anyway, that has been my favorite museum so far. and if you love it, then check out his apartment buildings as well (though they are still private residences, so you can only view from the outside): hundertwasser haus


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