“you’re are too young than (us)”

so our last night in ravenna (and of the vacanza altogether) ellski and i decided to go out with a BANG instead of the usual grannies that we had been by putting our pjs on around 10:30 pm (okay, maybe that was just me) and we had a hilarious evening at what seemed to be the only bar/cafe still open at 10:30 pm (usual granny time).

we sat down and of course the only other table being used was occupied by 3 balding men smoking cigs and drinking too much. i sorta noticed them, but not really.. until one guy comes over and starts to tell us a story about how his girl “lost” him last week (left him last week?) and how he would love to buy our drinks if we would just come over to his table “just to talk.” which of course we were like hell no, giving them all of these reasons – its our last night, we have lots to talk about, finally WE’RE TOO YOUNG FOR YOU — and though it took him approx 10 full minutes to go away, he left.

then his wing man comes over (drunk as a skunk) about 20 mins later to tell us that he hopes we are having a good vacation… and finally the original guy comes back and tells us that he’s not trying to “make ah stupido” (which we took to mean get in our pants) but that he would love to just talk with us. after the final rejection, he finally sat down and stayed in his seat.

…until he had the bright idea of writing us a message on the pastry tray and having the waiter deliver it to our table (read below). after we laughed for 5 minutes and then didn’t respond, we also got a pen to facilitate the reply. but there was definitely NO reply above all because we are framing that shit and hanging it above our kitchen table next year.

it was hilarious. oh yeah and afterward he came over to tell us that he lives in a palace with 60 rooms?

as ellie said, “how delusional do you have to be to leave your phone number??”


One response to ““you’re are too young than (us)”

  1. A 60 room palace? Maybe it’s the local jail. Love, Nonna

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