Valentines Day

two hilarious perspectives:

“i hate that damn holiday. all the stupid restaurants and cafes are all decorated and shit with stupid red and pink hearts. and people buy nasty chocolate and even nastier candy hearts eww i hate those things.”

-with valentines love, ellen caniglia

“i don’t understand people who don’t like valentines day. its a day to celebrate love! and even if you aren’t with someone it doesn’t mean valentines day poisons love for you. you can just sit around and watch people hold hands and love eachother.

kate, have you really ever done that?

yeah! i’m serious its really great!”

-my sister, the romantic, kate wiseman

I have to say that I come down right in the middle. Because food wise, Ellen is totally right why the hell do people give eachother those disgusting chalky hearts and the 5 dollar boxes of chocolates? It is pretty nasty and a prime example of non-food, food-mass production.

And Kate please no one except you wants to watch people hold hands while they’re single. It doesn’t poison love for them but its just not a fun activity. But I do agree with you that it was really cute when Dad would leave us all cute chocolate boxes and roses for mom in the morning when we were in elementary school. So if you look at Valentines Day more holistically, maybe it doesn’t deserve a bad rep.

Anyway I love [delicious] chocolate so I really can’t dislike Valentines Day.

And here are two great Valentines t-shirt straight from Italia! I went shopping with Maggie and totally normal stores and these were thrown right in like no big deal.


3 responses to “Valentines Day

  1. OMG hahahaha. i am shocked that you so stealthily put my most private comments on your blog. i feel as if it may be illegal, but i’m too impressed to sue.

  2. Hahaha I’m so sorry! Mostly I just wanted someone to comment now I feel so legit. Want me to make it anonymous??

  3. hahahahahahhahahahaha

    with love from your sister the ROMANTIKKK

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