Ci sono gli occhi nella mia farina di cece!

So lets just say I have eaten many interesting things, even just 5 days into my viaggio.

Sabato sera [saturday night] it was one of Maggie’s friend’s birthday so we went into the mountains near Genova to have dinner at this place that is famous for its farina di cece [fried chickpea flour in the shape of a pizza]. So I’m totally prepared to eat this because obviously I love chickpeas and chickpea flour [mom] and they bring out the first huge im talking HUGE family style pie of farina di cece (there are like 12 people at this dinner so they were bringing us huge amounts to share). I eat like four huge pieces and am ready for the next course when they bring another huge farina di cece but this time… there are tiny little fish in it. Baby fish WITH EYES! And of course I am polite and try to eat some but I seriously cannot get over it so I gave mine to Maggie and she was like non ti piace? And all I could think of to respond was ci sono gli occhi nella mia farina di cece [there are eyes in my farina di cece] and I thought I whispered it but apparently not because everyone around me started cracking up…

anyway. also today I ate octopus that LOOKED like an octopus. thats the thing about eating real food — its harder to stomach meat that literally looks like the animal that it came from… at that same place that we had farina di cece we also had roasted pig? well it was sorta just like chopped up pig and grilled and i could definitely tell that it was real and not processed and everything great about italian food but i couldn’t eat more than a few bites because it made me a little nauseous.

things that i eat everyday: focaccia, pasta (in marcella’s house always there is pasta as a primo piatto), FRUIT

thats another awesome thing about Italy. Every day after dinner we have fruit. No matter how full you are, you must eat a piece of fruit. So there is a huge basket of apples, oranges (blood red oranges from sicily!), clementines, kiwi, bananas, pears, etc. that is brought over to the table after dinner and you choose which one you would like. or sometimes 3 or 4. theres no limit to eating here it is ridiculous.

i have not yet eaten gelato or nutella. so clearly when i have my own appartment in approx one week it will be stocked with these things. or not bc im going to be on an intensive diet after two weeks in genova. pysch im in italy whatever.

SO FOR those of you who I have not yet told, I will be going a pepper farm owned by Rita Salvadore. You can find it  sul internet a there is a video of Rita herself and she seems molto simpatico. Here is her description of her family:

la mia famiglia è composta da me da luca il mio compagno e da mia suocera, in azienda lavora Val che collabora con me  da 3 anni, Cristian un ragazzo di recupero perchè un poco ritardato ma molto gentile.
insieme all’azienda abbiamo un’osteria a cecina che si chiama Bio Peperita dove abbiniamo i piatti al peperoncino.
Danielle è la responsabile  dell’osteria non è italiana è canadese, in questo momento è lì e tornerà il 4 di febbraio,  abbiamo anche un cagnolino che si chiama Guta, è buona e dorme sempre.

Mi sembra un bel posto.

Ciao Ciao for now!


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